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This is the new lineup. We would like to welcome the best drummer in all the land to the band. His name is Davros de la Nutter. He will destroy you're ears and make you hard/wet at the same time. 

The photograph was taken inside a studio. 

New tune on the way. 

Its better then you.... 

More info coming soon


Meet the Idiots

“Above average” Phil Campbell, Motörhead/PC&TBS

Segrëgates formed around 2011/2012 due to a cancer like Motörhead obsession. Smell and "Fast" Eliott's obsession to be precise. Make no bones about it, Segrëgates are a poor Motörhead imitation using punk (lack of) technique to create a racket some call "Motörpunk".

The very 1st incarnation of the band featured Smell on microphone, "Our Kid" on bass, "Fast" Eliott on guitar and "Filthy Deviant" Bilo hitting some pots and pans with wooden spoons. This lineup lasted for 1 drunken rehearsal in the secret Bilo's bunker located somewhere in Yorkshire. Only one "Song" came out of this session - "From Hiroshima to Nagasaki". No evidence of this track remains, for good reason.

The 1st proper line up was formed some months after the 1st failed attempt. This lineup was Smell on microphone and making a horrific noise on a bass, "Fast" Eliott on lead guitar, Dicko on rhythm guitar and "Filthy Deviant" Bilo on Drums. This line-up played the 1st Segrëgates gig at Fibbers, York on the 26th of May 2012. This line-up recorded several demos with Dicko as a producer. Only 1 made it out to the public via YouTube titled "At War With Bass - Demo". The other two remain archived on cassette, never to see the light of day.

Dicko parted ways with the band after a number of gigs, many of which can be viewed on YouTube. The band continued as a 3 piece going on to record another live demo, recorded at the White Rooms Studios York and then the 4 track E.P "No Regrets" recorded at Factory Street Studios Bradford. The E.P was released on 7 inch vinyl via B.I.A Records and cassette via "Fuck The Mainstream We Are The Mainstream Records".

A live "Official Bootleg" cassette titled "Bullshit in Bilston" was released by "Fuck the mainstream...", featuring the live set recorded at the Robin 2 Bilston venue, supporting the Anti-Nowhere League.

The band broke up on the 1st of Feb 2014, after a particularly shit gig in Bradford. Smell attempted to reform the band with "Fast" Eliott and new drummer, Timmy, in 2015. This line-up lasted for 3 or 4 rehearsal sessions but never amounted to anything.

After being invited to record an album by Tim Atkinson of Leader Of Down, Smell finally managed to get the lineup he needed. Bilo returned on drums and finally adding some much needed musical talent "Dr Horn" joined on guitar. Segrëgates recorded the debut album during 2016 at Fairycroft Studios in Saffron Walden. The studio was kindly provided by Tim Atkinson of Leader Of Down. Tim had used this studio with the late Motörhead guitarist - Michael "Würzel" Burston, to track some of the Leader Of Down recordings. Tim also kindly lent the band some of Würzels equipment to make the album, as well as Marshall super bass amp formerly owned by Lemmy Kilmister. The album was titled "Bürston" in tribute to Würzel and featured a cover of Motörhead's "Riding With The Driver" with Tim on bass.

"Bürston" was released in January 2017 by Cleopatra Records on CD and digital download and finally on vinyl the following year in February.  Segrëgates were a part of "Motörhead Night - A Tribute to Lemmy" happening on 28th of December at New Cross In in London, both in 2017 and 2018. Segrëgates were busy writing the follow-up record as well as playing gigs throughout the whole of 2018. The band was playing the first Orgasmatron Festival in Dublin, Republic of Ireland in March 2018, together with bands like Anti-Nowhere League, Jobseekers, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, The Nilz, Buck Eejit - just to name few.

Summer 2018 saw founding member Bilo leaving the ranks of Segrëgates. But fear not, that was not the end of it as just a few weeks later the individual with the name of Davros De La Nutter joined the band. Long time drummer for Motörheadache UK - Motörhead tribute band. By the end of September this line-up entered The White Rooms Studio in York to record their new single titled Snake Eyes. The single was premiered by live performance at Fulford Arms in November 2018. Cleopatra Records released the single with promoting it video in February 2019. Segrëgates headlined the last ever Behind The White Door event at Fulford Arms early 2019.  End of March 2019 saw Segrëgates playing two Orgasmatron Nights in the Republic of Ireland, with Italian all female Motörhead tribute band - Motörqueens, Irish Motörhead tribute band - Motörheaders and The Nilz. In May the band took on the UK with four dates, supporting the mighty Leader of Down.

More chaos coming soon to your ear-holes. Stay tuned and see us at the bar!


Behind The White Door


Current line-up/members: 

Smell - Bass / Vocals

Dr Horn - Guitar

Davros De La Nutter - Drums



Filthy Deviant Bilo - Drums

Fast Eliott - Guitar

Dicko - Guitar

Our KID - Bass

Timmy - Drums

"Filthy Deviant" Bilo, Lemmy, Smell.

Segrëgates first gig, May 2012

That night when Segrëgates supported Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons, November 2016

That night when Segrëgates supported UK Subs, November 2017

Smell, Wilko Johnson, Dr. Horn

Orgasmatron Festival at Fibber Magees in Dublin, Ireland on 30/03/2018

Orgasmatron Night Vol. 2 at Róisín Dubh in Galaway, Ireland on 30/03/2019