A Tribute To Lemmy

New Cross Inn, 323 New Cross Road, London

After a momentous tribute show here, we at New Cross Inn are well chuffed to have Motörheadache back again to help celebrate the life and times of Sir Lemmy of Kilmister.

Advance Tickets £8 or a tenner at the door.


A top class and authentic tribute to the late, great Lemmy Kilmister and his band, Motörhead.

Motörheadache is a three piece tribute to Lemmy's musical career with Motörhead from 1975 to 2015, but features some his solo projects with the likes of Foo Fighters and Slash.

Set up by lifelong Motörhead fan Rob Campbell on Rickenbacker bass and vocal, the line-up features Al Leach on guitar and Dave Nutter on drums, with Ian Hill as dep guitarist and Garry 'Magpie' Bowler on drums.

Motörheadache has previously toured the UK extensively, playing over 700 venues as well as gigs in Germany, Holland and Belgium.

The main body of the Motörheadache’s set list comprises a large number of songs from Motörhead’s Fast Eddie Clarke era, regarded by many Motörheadbangers as the classic era from 1975 to 1982. Songs include “Ace of Spades”, “Bomber”, “Overkill”, “Iron Fist”, “The Hammer”, “The Chase is better than the Catch” and, of course, the bombastic “Motörhead” - the last of Lemmy’s songs for Hawkwind and the one that gave his new band its name.

Motörheadache is proud to help keep alive the music of Motörhead by playing gigs all over the UK and inviting Motörheadbangers to celebrate the life and work of a rock icon and legend, Mr Lemmy Kilmister.

https://www.facebook.com/lemmymotorheadache http://www.motorheadache.uk/

With Support From:

Spreading The Disease A modern metal band, the baby of Steve Saunders, ex bassist of The Self titled. The band is based in Kent and was born in late 2014. "Not putting down any band that has played for me but Spreading The Disease put in one muthafucka of a show that will be difficult to beat, a metal band with the Linkin Park style double vocal brought the house down with their set. Heard a local say afterwards "I don't even like metal but that was fucking brilliant". https://www.facebook.com/spreadingthedisease.official http://www.stdband.com/

Segregates Motörpunk masters of York, and all-round idiots. Segrëgates formed around 2011/2012 due to a cancer like Motörhead obsession. Smell and "Fast" Eliott's obsession to be precise. Make no bones about it, Segrëgates are a poor Motörhead imitation using punk (lack of) technique to create a racket some call "Motörpunk". “Above average” Phil Campbell, Motörhead/PC&TBS https://www.facebook.com/Segregates http://segregates.co.uk

The Mispelt Formed in 1998 as a 3 piece Motörhead-esque punk rock and roll band - they are without doubt the music industries best kept secret. Loud, fast and curiously eclectic, The Mispelt combine throwaway snot-nosed bubble-gum power punk infused with flavours of metal and ska, knitted together with dark and sinister lyrical undertones. https://www.facebook.com/TheMispelt https://themispelt.bandcamp.com/

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